This is a grouping of items which came from a trunk (and yes that is the actual trunk) which belonged to a US Army Air Force officer who served in the China, Burma, India CBI theater of war in World War II. He flew in the 10th Air Force, 3rd Combat Cargo Group, 12th Combat Cargo Squadron. The 3rd CCG was the first such group of its type to arrive in India for its mission of flying C-47's over the Hump and he was in the first group of pilots and crew. He also had 100 hours in B-25's and often told his wife (herself a private pilot who married him in 1965) about his B-25 experiences, but there is no documentation of that servvice (nor is there any other paperwork). However many of the first Combat Cargo Group pilots were in fact B-25 pilots, so there may have times when they were "loaned out" to bomb squadrons in the CBI. After the war he served in the US Air Force Reserve, reaching the rank of Major. This extensive grouping includes four pinback sterking wings, medals & ribbons, patches, insignia, a 13-page album of squadron photos, a silk escape map and his personal compass, his named pilots kit bag and other personal effects, his War Dept. ID card, AAF Instrument Certification card and other documents, a piece of paper typed by him listing his military service record and some personal details, his Hump Pilots Association engraved mug and HPA patch and sticker and more. Due to the large number of items, this listing is spread out over several pages and when you get to the bottom of a page there is a link you can click to take you to the next page.

His official officers identity card

His dogtags and a name tag from the USAF:

His Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal, China War Memorial Medal and other medals and ribbons:

Two standard size sterling wings (one of them an AMCRAFT) and two smaller sterling wings worn when the shirt is the outer garment.